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Here Lies America has just been published and is now available in hardcover, paperback, and as an e-book!

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In his role as Editor-in-Chief of, Jason and his colleagues Pauline Frommer and Zac Thompson were awarded Silver in the Society of American Travel Writers’ Lowell Thomas Awards.  (October 2021)

Some recent appearances in national media

The Washington Post: “Everyone loves to hate resort fees. That’s especially true in a pandemic.” (Sept. 15, 2021; link)

Travel with Rick Steves, Program 652: “Gastro Obscura; Disney World Update; Memory Lane” (Sept. 25, 2021; link)

MarketWatch: “In its 50-year history, Walt Disney World has evolved from a $3.50-a-ticket amusement park to a ‘luxury-priced destination'” (Oct. 4, 2021; link)


HERE LIES AMERICA on 'Travel with Rick Steves'

Travel hero Rick Steves invited Jason to join the Independence Day broadcast of his radio show to discuss Here Lies America, which Rick called “fascinating.” They talked about how Gettysburg turned itself into a tourist trap, the tourists who watched Civil War battles from the sidelines, and why important historic sites like Wounded Knee are left untended and ignored.

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The Travel Show

For nearly five years over some 250 episodes, Jason co-hosted (with Pauline Frommer) the Travel Show, a live program on WABC in New York City. It lives on through its podcast, available on iTunes or OG Podcast Network.

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