Today’s Philly flavor

What can I say about this one? In the green room, the monitor was showing Bill O’Reilly doing his pre-tapes for guests for Thursday’s show. Dennis Miller did his segment, and John McCain was starting his just as I was called to sit in the chair. It’s nothing short of distracting to hear him prepping his guests before the interview begins. How else can I explain why I said “dollars” instead of “cents,” why I mysteriously equated problems for retailers with the proposed new credit card rules, and why I blurted out “Hey Carrie-Lee” as if it was a single syllable.

Live and learn. Worse things have happened. Worse things will.

Regardless… hey!  Isn’t TV fun?

I tweeted this after I finished: “Sometimes you don’t have to perform better to improve; you just have to stop beating yourself up over the mistakes you made.”

True, that.