Robert Herjavec’s $15,000 solid gold ‘Shark Tank’ cufflinks

I caught up with Robert Herjavec, one of the Sharks from ABC’s increasingly popular show Shark Tank, as he was preparing to step onto set in the early morning at the start of the day’s shooting. When the glint of something caught my eye, he handed an assistant his cup of coffee to show off: a pair of solid gold, shark-shaped cuff links with diamond eyes that were made by a British jeweler. Robert wasn’t telling precisely how much the paid for them, but the number he threw out was around $15,000 in U.S. money. “What is that? Is that like a couple minutes’ [work]?” he joked.

Yesterday, I posted my interview with his rival Shark, Daymond John, whose “doorknob” diamond earrings may have out-Sharked Robert’s bespoke jewelry for sheer blingitude. There’s a story about how John got those, too, but he wouldn’t tell it on camera.

And then there was their boss, Mark Burnett. His outfit — white button-down shirt, rolled-up sleeves — was defiantly unassuming. As one of the most powerful people in TV, he had nothing to prove. We all knew who had the most power on that set.

Robert Herjavec and me