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This is where I say things that I need to say that I haven’t said elsewhere.

Two days ago in Philadelphia…

Watch my media training in action on Fox Philly! I was not expecting to hear the question about college kids starting businesses. But I was prepared to talk about major brands that are named after real people. So I doggedly went after that angle instead.

“Did you know Chef Boyardee was a real guy?” I asked instead of actually answering her question. Now that I know that’s such a smooth diversionary tactic, I’m going to use it all the time.

“License and registration please.” Beat. “Officer, did you know Chef Boyardee was a real guy?”

I evaded like a politician, and no one even noticed.

My slick response was based on the best media training advice I ever got: “Don’t answer the question that was asked. Answer the question you wish had been asked. No one will notice.”

Now that you know that trick, you’ll start noticing that every Senator under the sun uses it daily.

Me and my ‘Knight Rider’ short shorts

I am showing this to you first because you love me more.

It’s me at It’s a Wrap in the Valley, where costumes from Hollywood TV and movie wardrobe departments are sold as vintage for cheap. Battlestar Galactica was on the list of shows that had clothes represented in the inventory, but try as I did, I couldn’t find anything from the show.