Me, Myself, and Eye: Researching London 2016


I have been in London for the past few weeks updating my Frommer’s guide for the 2016 edition. I come a few times a year, but for this trip, I brought a Jawbone. I wanted to know just how much I’m walking each day as I do my rounds.

14,000 steps and 7.12 miles. 18,000 steps and 9.25 miles. 18,400 steps and 9.31 miles. 24,000 steps and 12.2 miles.


The thing about guidebooks is you have to both cover the old—to notate how it’s changed and if it’s still worthwhile—as much as the new, and that requires discovery. Both require constant motion. That includes a new hotel every night or, at most, every two nights. I’ve become a master of packing, especially as it pertains to public transit.

There are times it gets lonely. But there are even more times when I take a look around and I feel so grateful for what I am allowed to do that I have to think about something else quickly, before I get misty.


Having a life in which you’re always learning something, in which stimulations is constantly around the corner, is now a habit with me. I don’t know if I could live any other way now.

Even if at times it can leave me exhausted at the end of every day.

One Response to “Me, Myself, and Eye: Researching London 2016”

  1. Debbie Korba-Rapp

    My husband and I are going to be in London for 4 full days. Any suggestions for an itinerary or must see? We are going to do a walking tour the day we get there…bought the London Pass with a travel card for 3 days.
    Thanks in advance