Kevin O’Leary in the Shark Tank: Fire your mother if you have to

“Mr. Wonderful” is appraising you for your dollar value

In between pitches for the second season of Shark Tank, I snatched a few minutes of time with Kevin O’Leary while the other Sharks were getting made up.

Kevin O’Leary is precise. He’s ruthless. He’s mercilessly to-the-point. And that’s just his sound bites! In the Shark Tank, he’s like that, too, but with the added focus on wresting control from any entrepreneur foolish enough to let go of it. If you’ve ever seen him in action, you know by his razor tongue that he’s no one to be trifled with. Money is his schtick, but it’s also his obsession. He didn’t become a billionaire merely from being quick with the quips.

In our chat, O’Leary gives his advice for making money when you don’t have the luxury of starting with any.

4 Responses to “Kevin O’Leary in the Shark Tank: Fire your mother if you have to”

  1. Mark Diggs

    Best interview question ever: “Is there anything that makes you cry?” Jason Cochran, working overtime to find a spiritual center to the empty lives of the rich and self-engrossed.

  2. jgolden

    MIy hero is kevin oleary ,wish I could be like him , He is so interesting and funny with a realistic bump. I Hwonder if he has written a book on wealth his major theme of life? He is so sexy with his idealistic ways.

  3. jasonrose

    Where did you get the idea that O’leary is a BILLIONAIRE? Millionaire, yes. But he’s a long, long way from being worth anything near $1 billion. And who gave him the name, “Mr. Wonderful”? He did. In Canada, we have long known that he is mostly a joke.

  4. Bill

    This guy carefully creates his “tough” businessman image. He seems like he can offer advice to anyone, when in reality shows like this barely understand all the very important things going behind some of the businesses presented. So based on few facts he “advises” to fire your mother if you need to. Idiot and totally emotionless moron. He must have been damaged as a child very badly to value only money and work! And people would take advice from such an imbecile? ! Truth is he was lucky and sold his software business to Matell at the right time. Just before floor dropped under all of us. Lucky SOB. This guy is exactly why we need to regulate likes of O’Leary and Wall Street.