Introducing the Redesign—Now It’s Your Turn

You may have noticed that after 200 posts and 4 1/2 years, this site has just received a refresh. The text is easier to read, the flow more airy and sweeping, and the picture of me doesn’t date from the time when we all used AOL. Lavish!

I have already been asked about who is responsible for the smart new snap. The website’s concept and hard word was done by Alfred Web Design Studio and the headshots are by Maia Rosenfeld—I heartily recommend you patronize both of them, since it’s clear that they both know what they’re doing and will make you look good, too.

The bones of the new look are now in place, but the new features will be rolling in on the sly over the coming weeks and month, so check back to see how tricksy can get.

Knowing that, I’d like to ask you a question: What else would you like to see my site be able to do, or what would you like to see more of?

Whether it’s a flashy new whistle or an elegant new feature, what do you think? It’s a rebirth sorta moment—what new kind of Jason would you like to see here?


Jason Cochran

Jason Cochran



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