Inappropriately cheerful in Philly…

As I was heading to Fox News’ studio to do my weekly segment on Fox Philly, there was a terrible boat accident in the Delaware River involving one of those Duck tours, and two people were still missing. As I was sitting in New York in my chair, waiting for the cue in my IFB to begin, people in Philadelphia were watching disturbing pictures of the scene of the accident, as divers searched the waters at Penn’s Landing.

What a perfect time to throw to Jason talking about restaurant deals! Today was the day I learned to decide for myself what my on-camera mood ought to be. Next time, I will be more careful about my segues. I gained more respect for the daily tightrope walk that anchors master when I was inadvertently so chipper at the top of this segment. Just another lesson in this step-by-step evolution I’m going through.

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