Did Dan Rather just dis me?

DanRatherandMeI forgot to post this when it was called to my attention last month. Waywire, the news startup backed in part by Cory Booker, has engaged Dan Rather as one of its faces, and in this video segment, Dan Rather calls me one of the “Top Anchors” of the Web.

I come right after Matthew Keys, the Reuters social media editor who was subsequently indicted with aiding hackers. (Can’t say Dan isn’t still ahead of the big stories!)

But it’s what Dan Rather said about me that had me sideshifting from amused to bewildered. I think I confused the fella.

He seems really bewildered by my twitter bio. I mean, it’s an honor just to be noticed, but anytime someone feels obligated to say the phrase “all due respect,” you know they probably don’t have much.


For the record, pop historian is an established term these days. Both the esteemed Simon Schama and Stephen Ambrose have worn the mantle. And I proudly do, too. It allows me to keep talking about the past without having to publish research papers that put people to sleep.

Like I said. It’s an honor to be noticed.

One Response to “Did Dan Rather just dis me?”

  1. M. Ali

    Imagine if the old never died. Culture would never change. And people like Dan Rather would always be right. Since this isn’t the case, I approve of your use of the term.


    M. Ali