Brown’s Hotel does right by Alexander Graham Bell

It took only a few hours before someone from the the illustrious Brown’s Hotel read my admiring post about its Kipling Suite. How’s that for attentive service? A rep wrote me today to fill me in on the latest:

…Since Sir Rocco Forte and Olga Polizzi refurbished the hotel in 2008, we have dedicated one of our private dining rooms to Alexander Graham Bell and it now includes illustrations of telephones from over the years, a plaque, a photo of him in his study and even an antique telephone…

Hooray! Well done. That’s a lot better than the decorative equivalent of a dial tone that was previously accorded to the communications pioneer.

The rep also apologized for my “visit” by that attentive spirit, which amused me to read. Apologized! Isn’t that just the essence of British hospitality? It’s like they’re saying, So sorry you were visited by a ghost. We so hope to welcome you back again soon.

Did I mention that I love Brown’s?

For the record, I would stay again because of the ghost.

Here’s the new Graham Bell room:

Graham Bell Room, Brown's Hotel

Graham Bell Room, Brown's Hotel, London