Awesome photos of Walt Disney World from the early ’70s

My mother recently uncovered a treasure trove of family snapshots from our visits to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in the early 1970s. What my parents lacked in photographic ability, they made up for in a knack for capturing what would one day be incredibly rare views. There’s some real gold in here—much of what you’re about to see is forgotten, extinct, or covered up forever, from the built-upon West Center Street to views of Tomorrowland before Space Mountain.

It’s bizarre and inspiring. How were they to know that one day, I would grow up to write the Frommer’s guide to Walt Disney World?

This slideshow is reddened and bleached by the years, but is a miraculous time machine nonetheless:


I have even more random shots in my pile of curling Kodak prints, so if you like these, I’ll post some more.

3 Responses to “Awesome photos of Walt Disney World from the early ’70s”

  1. Anya Beaupre

    Oh… I am a little obsessed with these photos right now!! I don’t think my parents took pictures on our visits to Disneyland in the 70’s and 80’s but boy how the place has changed and grown.

  2. Tom Benton

    Great photos Jason! The big expanse of grass between the train and river (and the Fort beyond) was the Thunder Mesa site which would later become the home to Big Thunder Mountain.