A mesmerizing HD drive through South Dakota’s Badlands

This video of Badlands National Park in South Dakota is seductive. It’s a nearly four-minute, uninterrupted shot of the driver’s view as he travels east on Badlands Loop Road (240) as it prepares to intersect with 377 near Interior, South Dakota.

Turn up the music and go full-screen and it’s almost like being there. The sunlight is perfect. The colors of the stone and the sky are rich and true.

I should know. I shot it. And it’s a high-def video, so it took me about six hours to upload onto YouTube.

If you want to try this drive at home, here’s where it begins on Google Maps. Then head east.

I love shooting these on-the-fly, you-are-there snippets when I travel. Click here to see one I shot in Tokyo that has more than 1,000,000 views on YouTube now.

2 Responses to “A mesmerizing HD drive through South Dakota’s Badlands”

  1. Randall St. Germain

    Thanks for posting this, Jason. I have fond memories of traveling through the Badlands of South Dakota. I remember being very young traveling in an overloaded camper on a blistering hot summer day. The scenery was memorizing, like you said. However, there was no HD when I was young.

    • Jason Cochran

      Happily, the Badlands is one of the few places in America where I can guarantee it looked exactly the same as it did when you were trundling along in that overloaded camper.