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Those with an inattention to detail might think that Barbara Corcoran and I are related, but there’s no mistaking the fact that I love her. Outrageous, conservative, tough as nails yet soft as pudding, simultaneously fearless and sensitive — she’s diverse and memorable. I’ve interviewed her several times before, including in her office and at a satellite media tour. I was even her fifth wheel/Ed McMahon in a miniseries of self-help video segments we did for a website I once worked for.

Here, we chat on the set of ABC’s Shark Tank in between pitches.

Fans of Barbara ( like me) can double up with this video of her, made on a different day of the Season Two shoots, describing her successful investments from the first season of Shark Tank.


Cochran and Corcoran

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  1. Doug Rasku says:

    Love Shark Tank.

  2. Mark Diggs says:

    cool interview, “practice on thine enemies”

  3. Rich says:

    A very astute businesswoman, and she’s also in great shape. Nice legs.

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