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The Crowd in the Streets of Dallas

Tweet In the winter of 1910, Dallas was suffering a crime wave of purse snatchings and assaults. The police didn’t know how to stop it, and people were hungry for blame. One night amid this crisis, a 68-year-old servant named Allen Brooks was discovered in a barn outside of town in the company of 3-year-old Ethel Huvens. The […]

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The Stain Runs Deep: Remembering Indiana and the Klan

There is no route to the present except through the past. Indiana's recent history is, in a word, sordid. Its past record of "religious freedom" movements should burn in memory.

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‘Scottsboro Boys’ protest: It Ain’t No Minstrel Show

Tweet Today was the only time I have ever had to cross a protest line to see a musical. As I approached the Lyceum Theatre on 45th Street for today’s matinée of The Scottsboro Boys, I could see the shapes of banners, and I could hear a chant emerge from the noise around Times Square: […]

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