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I swear it’s not me. Someone else is leaving water-smoothed rocks with painted-on smiley faces by the eternal resting spots of the stars of yesteryear. I’m just the first person to notice.

I keep running across them in Los Angeles. These are from Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Forest Lawn Memorial Park Glendale.

They’re not just on classic film stars’ graves. There’s even one on Playmate Dorothy Stratten’s.


Errol Flynn


Dorothy Stratten


Clayton Moore


Spencer Tracy

Who is it? What’s going on?

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  1. Marley says:

    Thought I’d share I’ve found these same rocks in Pittsburgh, PA cemeteries. They look exactly the same. Your blog is the only mention of it I can find!

  2. Ceme-Terry says:

    Very cool! I know whom the unidentified smiley rock leaver is. But im sworn to secrecy and can not divulge who they are. They have even given me one of their creations!

  3. Ceme-Terry, did the correct goodhearted person identify themselves to me? http://jason-cochran.com/blog/mystery-solved-the-grave-smiley-samaritan-steps-forward/

  4. wardtree says:

    It is Lisa Albanese, who leaves them in cemeteries, on sidewalks, and other places in the Los Angeles area. She wants to make the world a happier place.

  5. Yes indeed. And she has inspired others, so she’s no longer the only one doing it. Check out the story I wrote about it last night: http://jason-cochran.com/blog/mystery-solved-the-grave-smiley-samaritan-steps-forward/

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