January 2015


Letter from freed slave Jordan Anderson to his former master

I didn’t write this. It’s a by a man named Jordan Anderson, who with one letter achieved more for blistering satire than an entire bookshelf of Hitchens or Vidal. It’s a blast of sarcasm so well-contained it could give you goose bumps. I love it. It’s a simple setup. Former slave owner Colonel Patrick Henry Anderson returned to… Read more »


‘Cabaret’: The Menace is Fading Because Berlin’s So Cool Now

The current revival of Cabaret on Broadway is a perfect copy of the revival that opened in 1998. Back then, a mostly unknown actor named Alan Cumming instantly made his career by emerging from darkness to play the Emcee, and Natasha Richardson was his Sally Bowles. The show played in a ruined theatre, the Henry Miller’s,… Read more »