April 2011


My exclusive tour of the Shark Tank

Visiting TV sets is always a thrill. It’s not because I am a pure fan. I mean, I am not necessarily always pinching myself in disbelief over being there. Of course I knew Chandler and Joey’s apartment was an existing set when I toured the home of Friends at Warner Bros. No, for me, the… Read more »


Kevin O’Leary in the Shark Tank: Fire your mother if you have to

In between pitches for the second season of Shark Tank, I snatched a few minutes of time with Kevin O’Leary while the other Sharks were getting made up. Kevin O’Leary is precise. He’s ruthless. He’s mercilessly to-the-point. And that’s just his sound bites! In the Shark Tank, he’s like that, too, but with the added… Read more »